Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Lower Colorado River:
from Blythe to Yuma

The weeks are long - work is very busy with back-to-back weeks of Program Coordinating for NAL. Big drives: the Colorado River, Joshua Tree, Pinnacles National Mounument, and on to Salt Point State Park. School at Oregon State is mixed into my food buy weekends and I've all but given up on trying to write for the blog at this time. Be patient - pictures will always come along. Stories will come later. Viva California! Also, of note, I filled out my diploma paperwork this week. I are be a collage graduated soon.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Photo: This is home. NAL natural history training at Indian Cove Group Camp, Joshua Tree National Park.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Life Continues....

First. Friends. It was bound to happen. My cell phone died. My ultra-handy-phonebook-of-friends was lost. Send me your number or better yet, give a call.

It was a eventful week on the Lower Colorado River with Alok and I running a kitchen out of Walter's Camp for two 70 kid groups. High winds caused many adventures and wild times for the river naturalists but I escape with a drive through a dusty wind storm in my favorite vehicle: the Super Cube truck.

Where did I head with free time on my hands? My home in the Hidden Valley of Joshua Tree of course. We were lucky to get a site and I was lucky to have such great folks to visit with. Fun climbing, great music, tons of NAL roadkill (aka leftover perishable food from program) in a cooler helping the life of the budget naturalist along. Climbing is great these days – the weather is what Joshua Tree dreams are made of. Blooms are just about ready to burst from the desert cactii. More work and play ahead. Life is good!

Photos: (upleft) Ian and Michelle 'climbing in the backyard.' Hands Off, Hidden Valley, JTNP. (L) Alok amidst Walter's Camp Kitchen. Colorado River Commissary Support, NAL. (R) Natty family after climbing. Michelle, me, Alok, Rob, and Yes-I.