Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lately or

Spring in California

Lately I've been busy. Busy working. But it's not work at the monotonous grindstone that sucks the life from you. It's constant work, outdoors, in the wind and rain, with students and friends, in some of the most beautiful places California has to offer. It is 7 days a week. It involves big weekend drives (or boat rides). We are often tired, muddy, cold, up too early, sore, sleepy, eyes full of sand, dehydrated, numb, annoyed – I love it.

Weeks go by quickly. Outdoors constantly, we move at a different speed. No faster, nor slower, but different.

Naturalists At Large has become a comfortable home throughout the entirety of California. Already this season we have braved the harsh spring elements and floated the lower Colorado, explored the empty beaches of Catalina, and relaxed under Joshua Tree starry nights. Needless to say I have stayed far away from the trappings of the computerized world and the blog-o-sphere of the 21st century has seemed so distant and insignificant.

Photos: Checking the weather radio for winds; Taylor Lake, Lower Colorado River.

Michelle sneaking in a well-deserved break; Catalina Island.

Band practice N.A.L. Style; Pinnacles National Monument.