Monday, June 26, 2006

On the Road Again....

Bend-Eugene-Bellingham- British Columbia

It has been a busy many days since departing Bend and entering into the world of Longacre Expeditions. New staff training was in a campus apartment in Eugene for four days. It kinda reminded me of the NAL warehouse – how did all these cool outdoors people end up here. But the city-life in Eugene soon ended and our small team of PNW leaders made our way up to Bellingham.

It felt great to be back in Bham. Basecamp up here is a sweet little studio with a view of bay and city and right downtown. The first night back in town I saw more people that I know than I can list. Feels like home; as so many places do for me these days. Bellingham is truely a big town with a small town feeling. If only it didn't rain all winter.

Once established up north we loaded up the 15-passenger and headed up to Squamish for more 'training' and climbing. Again, so amazing to be back in the places I enjoy so much and reminding myself I will be working up there for the next three weeks. Looks like it's gonna shape up to be a pretty nice summer.

One last thing: with one free day in the North Cascades my new friend Pete and I decided on squeezing in a big mountain adventure. Because of our busy schedule we left from Bham for North Twin at 11AM, left the trail at 12:15 and proceeded to climb through clearcuts in the heat of the day for many miles. Not the best timing. Out of water before reaching the summit we were getting worked by the intense sun of the West Ridge. Fun climbing led us up through gullies and along exposed ridges. W climbed free and kept the rope in the bag just for any possible tricky parts we may encounter. That never happened – the climbing was comfortable and we reversed the route to stay out of the snow. The last few miles of the 15-mile, 5000ft day were pretty painful (to say the least) but the views of Baker and the Cascades and the aesthetic route were well worth it. Happy to be back up north. Free for the last week in July and looks like Michelle and I will be in Squamish and N. Cascades in August. Plus the Summer Meltdown in Darrington August 11th – see you all out there!.


Photos: 1)Pete on the West Ridge of North Twin. 2)The Sea to Sky Highway (Credit: Pete Kraska). 3) North Twin; on the way home. 4) The Frisbee golf team at LongAcre Oregon Basecamp.


Friday, June 16, 2006

It's official. I have a B.S. in Natural Resources from Oregon State University.

My post graduation roadmap

I start work tomorrow.
I have all of August to climb.
N.A.L. fall.
Just bought tickets to Thailand.
November 13th, LAX.
3 months in Asia with my girl.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Spring 2006

Finishing The Season In Style @ ElCapitan Canyon
Santa Barbara, CA

Thanks ElCap for the photo -